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a beautiful book by Robert Taylor

You will never have another chance to get so inside a town, and meet such people.

How can you resist making the acquaintance of the Head Fetish Priest who serves a God in the shape of a 200ft high rock, a seven-year-old who says "In our school there are no chairs to sit", or the electrician who says "The people, if you come here, would take you as their brother, their father. They would take you as their everything. You don't need anything. The moment you call for something you will get people to help you. Even the Chief will receive you. You will not know that you are a stranger."

Robert has very generously given all proceeds from the sale of "Impressions of Tafo" to the charity Friends of Tafo, and the profit will therefore go directly back to help the people it is about.

"This is a wonderful insight into a small but vibrant community in Ghana. It speaks of a resilient people and a vivid culture. The photographs capture something words can never do full justice to, and the words augment the images with a wonderful account of the way lives are lived. I learnt so much from this beautifully presented book."

Jon Snow, newsman, journalist and presenter of Britain's award-winning Channel 4 News.


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