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Funding is always required to assist locally conceived and prioritized needs which are not catered for by governmental organization, whether to get a small child into school, to improve community health, or to build up the capacity of the local volunteer body Kwahu Tafo Progress Council into sustainable self-reliance.  Enquiries concerning current funding opportunities should be directed to Dutch and BL Meyer, Joint Development Chiefs of Kwahu Tafo, at and/or, who are most practically placed to advise on immediate projects and needs.

However you donate to Kwahu Tafo, you may be sure that the projects you support are devised by the local Council, answer local needs, are responsibly managed under a financial system subject to professional audit, and are fully reported on when completed. The citizens of Kwahu Tafo take nothing for granted, and are justly proud of the example they set to the region.

There are three ways to give financial assistance to current or envisaged projects.
1.  via Friends of Tafo (UK Charity)
2.  via Yeko Anim (USA fundraising organisation)
3.  directly to Kwahu Tafo Progress Council (KTPC) in Ghana.

Alternatively there are still Christmas Cards, Robert Taylor's book "Impressions of Tafo" or COLOURS OF GHANA paintings available to purchase. 


1.  via UK Charity Friends of Tafo

Friends of Tafo, which during the period 2001-2014 was the principal fundraising organisation on behalf of Kwahu Tafo’s development, retains its charitable status and its function as a channel for donating, principally for those funding bodies or individuals that are required, or prefer, to donate via a UK Charity.

Information re donations made to FOT is shared without delay with Dutch and BL and the KTPC Executive, and the funds are transferred, via a well-tried route, to KTPC’s account at Barclays Bank of Ghana. FOT’s practice is to set aside 10% of donations routed this way to cover administrative costs.

Donations made to Friends of Tafo qualify for Gift Aid, once the donor has completed the appropriate declaration (available here) as a UK tax-payer and sent it to FOT at 9 Salmon Mews, West Cottages, London NW6 1RH.

In all cases it will be most helpful if you send notification of your intention or action to the Chair of the Trustees Humphrey Barclay at, where you can also get answers to any queries you may have.

You can also donate securely online through the Charities Aid Foundation: click here


2.  via US Charitable Organization Yeko Anim

Mr and Mrs Meyer, the Kwahu Tafo Development Chiefs, have set up a fundraising organization in the USA, called Yeko Anim, which means ‘We are going forward’ in the Twi language.

Information about it can be seen at

Yeko Anim is eligible for 501 charitable status relief through its association with non-profit organisation Kids First, which may be visited at and all correspondence regarding donating via Yeko Anim should be addressed to and/or, or at +233 54 7447 487.

3.  Directly to Kwahu Tafo Progress Council

For those donors who would prefer a direct route to the Kwahu Tafo community, Friends of Tafo has worked with the KTPC Treasurer, a chartered accountant, to develop the relevant skills to manage donations sent directly to the KTPC. 

Kwahu Tafo Progress Council, registered NGO DSW/4993, has a current account at Barclays Bank of Ghana, and is accustomed to receiving funds from abroad which arrive in the account as Ghana Cedis (GHc).

All correspondence regarding direct donations to the KTPC should be addressed to the KTPC Treasurer Felix Okyere Boakye at and simultaneously copied to Mr and Mrs Meyer, the Kwahu Tafo Development Chiefs, and

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