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By dint of vigorous fundraising over its life span, Friends of Tafo supported local initiatives for both finite and ongoing projects.


Finite projects included most notably the installation of clean water outlets, rebuilding two schools, building Community and the Senior High School Libraries, providing affordable bicycles, an eye surgery programme, and the installation of computer labs in all Primary and Junior High Schools.


Ongoing projects included the running of the Community Library, help for school attendance at all levels, Tertiary Education Loans, subsidising National Health Insurance subscriptions, maintaining Art, Science and Music Clubs and Health Awareness Campaigns, creating and sustaining Kwahu Tourism Initiative, and the running costs of the Progress Council itself.


These ongoing needs continue.

Key FOT achievements at a glance include:


2001   Micky Dolenz opened FOT fundraising with $1000


2002   Community Library built

Needy Pupils Fund started


2003   Craft workshops held

          Disabled Association created

          Rescue of Senior High School begun


2004   Senior Secondary School rehab started with IT Lab

         School photographic competition held

Youngsters Club Eye Clinic held

HIV Awareness Day

Soap Making Workshop

Vacation Classes funded

Islamic School rebuild started


2005   Senior High School rehab continues with

               8 Teachers engaged

               4 classrooms,

               Toilet/washrooms, water /elec connection,       

First UK school twinning

Royal Music Academy created

Eastside Young Leaders Academy pupils visit

Five wells refurbished

Bee hives donated


2006  IT Lab under construction at Methodist JHS

          Senior Secondary School recognised by Ghana Education Service

               as Senior High School


2007   MTV programme in Kwahu Tafo

Ghana’s 50th Anniversary celebrated with Art  and Drama competitions

Five Year Plan seminar

SHS Admin Block built

SHA Dining Hall built

Islamic School roof funded by Channel Swimmers

100 boxes of learning materials shipped

Photocopier, etc for Libary donated by Barclays Bank of Ghana

Grils Science Club created


2008   Toilets built at 2 more schools

Village Bicycle Project 1st visit

IT Labs installed in all 4 Juniro High Schools

Senior High School Library opened

Love Life Health Awareness programme commenced

2 Tertiary Education Bursaries funded


2009   River dredged

          Islamic School rebuild ongoing and toilets added

          Old people’s party held

JHS Reading Prize instituted

Solar Power installed at Library

10 Tertiary Education  Bursaries


2010   Ashanti Development begin Women’s Microcredit programme

Art Club created

River maintenance carried out

         30 Tertiary Education Bursaries


2011   Internet Café opened

          3 boreholes dug

Go Ghana! Cycle Challenge: 21 cyclists raise £30K for Clean water

Home Econ Food and Nutrition block opened at SHS

Library and Staffroom built at Methodist JHS

Dental surgery weekend

Support for National Health Insurance Subscritpions

Toilets built at Presby School

41 Tertiary Education Bursaries


2012   16 Kwahu Tafo schools now twinned with UK

Water Health and Hygiene Programme

Major drinking water installation at Presby School

6 pupils qualify for Robotics Course at Ashesi University

BBC Radio ‘It’s My Story’

Village Bicycle Project 2nd visit

47 Tertiary Education Loans (no longer Bursaries)


2013   IT Labs installed in all 6 Primary schools

          Kwahu Tafo Science Club succeeds Girls Science Club

Mechanisation of borehole

‘Wake Up To Kwahu’ Tourism programme started

Oldham Hulme Grammar School 2 week visit


2014   Kwahu Tourism Intitiave founded

          ‘Your Essential Guide to Kwahu’ Guide Book published

          Butuase waterfall refurbishment

          Eye Cataract Surgery Programme


2015   Hand over to ‘Yeko Anim’


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