Registered Charity No: 1096242
9 Salmon Mews, West Cottages, London NW6 1RH




Friends of Tafo is a UK charity founded in 2001 and registered in 2003 (1096242) in order to assist and empower the sustainable development of Kwahu Tafo, an impoverished rural town in the Kwahu area of Ghana, West Africa. It was created by the friends and family of TV producer Humphrey Barclay after his installation as Nkosuohene (Development Chief) in the ancestral home town of his friend the late actor Christopher Gyearbuor Asante, who played 'Matthew' in the UK TV sitcom Desmond's.


From 2001 Friends of Tafo (FOT) was actively engaged in raising money to support community development in Kwahu Tafo, until in February 2015, with almost £1,000,000 raised over the years from individuals, trusts, foundations, Christmas card sales and a variety of events, Humphrey retired from his role as Nkosuohene and was succeeded by Mr and Mrs Dutch Meyer, an American couple newly resident in Kwahu Tafo.


At this point Friends of Tafo wound up its proactive fundraising activities, but maintains its status as a Registered Charity in order to facilitate further UK donations to development opportunities in health, education, job creation and tourism in Kwahu Tafo.


Friends of Tafo continues to welcome, answer and pass on enquiries and expressions of interest, and undertakes occasional events such as the March 2015 exhibition of paintings COLOURS OF GHANA to support the energetic and dedicated work of its successors.


The FOT Trustees are Humphrey Barclay (Chair), Georgina Owen (Secretary), Benji Ntim (Treasurer), and Robert Taylor.


In 2013 Humphrey was awarded the British Empire Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to Kwahu Tafo.


During its proactive years Friends of Tafo distributed regular Newsletters, and has been featured in The Guardian "Comic Hero", Time Magazine "Ghana's Foreign Chiefs", and on BBC Radio "It's My Story - White Chief Humphrey".  Humphrey Barclay has also made many videos of life and development in Kwahu Tafo.


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